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About Us

Organisation of Special Needs Education Teachers (OSNET)

We are a non-profit organization involved in the improvement of quality and inclusive education for all groups in Tanzania. It was registered in 2014 in accordance with the laws of the country.

By 2023, OSNET has 204 teacher members, and has reached 30,000 people and works in 89 schools.

A society where everyone, regardless of abilities or disabilities, has equal access to quality education, full community participation, and independent skills, seamlessly integrating as valued members.

To empower individuals with special needs and disabilities by providing quality, accessible, and inclusive education, fostering independence, and cultivating essential life skills for a brighter and more inclusive future.


Teacher`s Empowerment on Teaching and Learning strategies

Sign Language Trainings

Students Empowerment

Awards for Champs

Diet for Young Pupils with Impairment

Advocating for change

Community Service


Health Safeguarding and Clinics

It is our responsibility as special education teachers to ensure that every student benefits from his learning by creating an enabling environment that will help him gain understanding in the classroom and better health. We conduct health testing clinics for groups of students with disabilities, including ears for students with hearing impairment to be able to provide them with therapy, equipment to support learning in the classroom or medicine. However, the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) helps us identify the needs of each student in the classroom to enable them to learn more happily.

Gender Equality

We focus on gender and economic education for girls, especially those with special needs, by building them the ability to recognize their importance and advocate for change in society as well as having the opportunity to create groups to learn entrepreneurship education in practice while they are still in school.


Extracurricular activities benefits our pupils and students both in primary and secondary school beyond their further college application

In planning to start projects, we conduct preliminary interviews with teachers and students and heads of schools to get their opinions. Also, the main thing is to get the feedback of the stakeholders because their recommendations are important in getting a real evaluation of the implementation of the project. Their voices are always basic for advocating for changes.

Engaging Stakeholders in Project Planning and Management

What We Provide

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Through robbing programs, we get support from important stakeholders such as the government, politicians, businessmen and various scholars, which has led to a lively team work from every sector.

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Meet Our Team

Wilfred Serikali (Chairperson)

OSNET is a real inclusive concept. Our goal is to have a better coalition of special education teachers by engaging non-special education teachers in Tanzania so that together we can learn, acquire new skills and techniques to teach students with special needs so that they can do better academically and ultimately achieve their dreams.

Patricia Kabaka (Chairperson of the Board of Directors)

Patricia Kabaka is the Chairperson of the OSNET Board of Directors. She is the Director of Paroma Schools. She is the mother of a child with a disability.


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We are creating a safe society of cooperation and love where each of us has the opportunity to spend his time in volunteering to build a strong, clean and sustainable society. We welcome everyone to join us for community service

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