Sign language club programs at Musoma Technical Secondary Schools

Sensitization of the community towards deaf rights

Deaf students handling their hand weaved carpet to their headmaster at the main pared. The carped was weaved with the headmaster`s name.

Deaf and other disabled students getting joys at mativilla beach

Entrepreneurship trainings of liquid soap making for deaf and non deaf students from Musoma Technical Secondary School

Football match competition between deaf students from Musoma Technical  Secondary School against  deaf young boys from Chavita-Morogoro

National youth summit whereby young deaf students from Musoma Technical Secondary School had the opportunity  represented other young deaf generation in Tanzania

Entrepreneurship of liquid soap training for young pupils from Saint. Justine Center for Children with Disabilities

Provision of technical tools that includes sewing machines, carpentry tools and computer at S.JCCD

Partaking in the Biennial 16 for the International Association of Special Education   (IASE) which was conducted at SEKOMU

Entrepreneurship trainings on mosquito repellent candles for students with disabilities at Musoma Secondary School