What we do

OSNET’s operates to improve academic skills and the socioeconomic welfare for students as well as the entire community with disabilities. As a nonprofit making organisation, we tally with other national and international policies to guarantee complete inclusion for disabled learners and assist practitioners to adopt more inclusive strategies for responding for children`s special learning needs in regular schools and support regular teachers education.

We are obligated to sensitize the community to change negative attitudes and view  people with disabilities as right members in the community.

We also use cultural dances and songs to please the community to stop from discriminating children with disabilities.

We raise talents of our disabled students by exhibiting their feelings through drama  during public holidays

We insists training sign language programs so as to unite hearing and deaf learners around schools settings.


We build a foundation for our students through independent entrepreneurship training that our institution runs outside of the formal school curriculum


We provide our students with information on how to protect themselves, safe birth and health at an early age

We provide sensitivity testing services for accurate diagnosis of our pupils’ ability to provide consistent services including hearing aids and medication

We inspire all special education and non-special education teachers to unite and become one in helping students with special needs regardless of their challenges and interests

We encourage information technology training for students with special needs to enable them to keep pace with the world of globalization.